Family Photography || Gold Coast photographer

Until lately I had shot and edit my own family images slightly different to how I would a clients, I think out of fear that clients wouldn’t understand or wouldn’t like it. Recently something clicked and I decided not to do that anymore – and honestly, I think my work has progressed so much because of it! Shooting the way I want, the way that makes me happy, is the only way for me now.  Here’s some of my family, who I have no choice but to document ‘Real’ as they would never sit and pose for me even if I wanted them too!  When I’m not trying to document my kids at the beach, I am documenting all the other things about them that I want to remember, I want to do this for your family too. The years are just flying by all too fast and I want to remember everything.


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All for now,


Tracey x

P.s. Bronte’s cute little rainbow onesie is by the talented Holly Jackson Art 

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