My Story

I am a moment seeker.

I am a moment seeker, it’s something I can’t turn off. I notice the beauty in the everyday, the small moments that might otherwise go un-noticed, the way the light falls on your hair or the way your child reaches for your hand. It’s these little things that will have me running for my camera every time!

Documenting family life makes me happy, not a day goes by that I’m not trying to document my own family in one way or another. All the ups and downs and craziness of parenting, I want to remember every single bit. I love to do the same for other families, I aim to capture your raw moments, find perfection in what may have otherwise been called imperfections – bring on the messy hair and dirty kids! I truly believe these are the images you will treasure most when your children are grown.

I have been working professionally for about 8 years however I have forever been a creative soul, enjoying photography and design from a young age. I have studied a little here and there but I mostly enjoy learning on the job, while juggling life with my constantly growing family of fur babies and little people.

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