Children’s Portrait Sessions

I had some fun with children’s portrait sessions this holiday. With the holiday season now gone (ok, well gone) and the kids settled back into routine, I have finally been able to catch up on some editing. During the holidays the kids and I visited a friend just outside of Port Macquarie, I was delighted to see she had a beautiful old wooden shack on her property, something I had been looking for back home for ages! (Photographer friends will understand!) Luckily I had my camera in the car and a bunch of pretty cute children on hand to photograph 😉 We rode on the back of a tractor across the property to the shack, it was a bit like an episode of ‘Big Ted’s Big Adventure’, the kids loved it!

If you have any questions regarding Children’s portrait sessions or would like to book please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible




Mr B was only happy on the tractor, which was ok! Children’s sessions can go a bit off plan sometimes but I have learnt to just go with it!

All for now,


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